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Infrastructure Development Industry plays a pivotal part in the national economic growth. Our foundation is consisted of Integrity, Quality Workmanship, Safety and Environmental Responsibilities.

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Within the Facility Infrastructure Development sector, we offer an innovative range of sustainable solutions and services.


We engage everyone who contributes, each at their own level, to better manage and secure resources.


We aim to regenerate essential resources that are according to the principles of the circular economy.


We have ownership culture. Our principals, associates and staff take ownership of the projects to achieve success.


DNP Infrastructures is committed to the principle of responsible stewardship of the environment sustainability.


Our culture is ownership. Our principals, associates and staff take ownership of the project.


Environmental Infrastructure Management and Resource Recovery

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Verticals at a Glance

We respond to the ever-changing demands of facility infrastructure management and resource recovery needs.

Environmental Solutions

Water and Wastewater Management

We execute urban water and wastewater treatment plants which include physical, chemical and biological treatment processes.

Waste Management

Municipal Solidwaste Management

We execute urban waste recycling-resource recovery practice that refers to the collection and reuse of waste.

Urban Facility

Public - Private Partnership Projects

We execute urban development and infrastructure projects beneficial to the society at large.