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The Company

Imagineering for life

Founded in 2006 DNP Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. is an integrated design, engineering and construction solution providers in infrastructure, energy, waste management and environment sectors. We strive to create spaces for better life. In less than a decade DNP Infrastructures has emerged as a trend setter.

With sheer greet and commitment DNP Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd has left its footprints on national and global arena. Besides having pan South Asia reach DNP has successfully partnered with global players in environment, infrastructure and engineering sectors. The company is ISO 9001:2000 accredited for Quality and OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited for Health and Safety management systems.


Because life needs engineering with imagination

We blend engineering and imagination to touch life in every possible manner. With every structure we erect, we kindle a hope for a better future. Perching on passion to improve lives, we ceaselessly work to change cityscape of India.

With expertise, efficiency and energy we surge ahead to create perfect space for life to thrive. For us expertise is creating advanced spaces, efficiency means creating responsible infrastructure and energy is incessant craving to be innovative in each step we take.

Each project, we do, is a leap to improve life; our impact is felt in every project we do. Our projects are acclaimed landmark in terms of innovation but it is just an Imagineering! We always strive to exceed excellence.

Detail engineering, value engineering, approval, selection and training of execution team as per project requirement, mobilizing for execution with all details and planning, Monitoring, closing, completion of execution, handover to O & M team


Quality Control Policy:
Quality is our strength and our core, DNP has a team of qualified people to keep tab on the quality and operation. We are clinical about quality control hence each project is monitored closely at every stage of execution. The company is aspired to set new quality standards in each project.

Safety policy:
DNP takes safety of people as its moral responsibility. Hence, while project execution stringent safety norms are followed for staff and the common people. Training and orientation of staff is done regularly for safety and health.

We consider each employee crucial for maintaining safety and health in project execution, at the same time we also encourage healthy and responsible working culture at office.


Because we don’t dream about life, we live it

Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. With innovation we deliver world class futuristic ideas that bring infrastructural change in every inch of life. With innovation we push back boundaries of human capacities. We innovate to give back to nature in form of our path breaking waste treatment solutions. We innovate because life needs a new space in form a school for brighter future, a garden to rejuvenate, a hospital to heal, to bridge the gaps, roads to connect people. We innovate to energize life with wind, water and the sun.


Together we build spaces to fill voids

An overriding mission to have strong bond with life is driving force of DNP Infrastructure. DNP has already established a strong relation with people through its project. DNP is believer in creating responsible infrastructure – an infrastructure that understands life in a better manner and serves in an innovative way.

At DNP we believe in togetherness. For which DNP is increasingly working on public private partnership (PPP) model to fill infrastructure void with innovative technology.


Making life a rich experience

We touch life in every possible manner with our responsible infrastructure development. Our presence is felt in every stride you take in garden, when you drive home safe. We keep cities waste free, so that you breathe and walk in clean surroundings. We build structure to help education carve a better future and hands heal life.

Waste water and water treatment
We provide entire spectrum of waste water treatment and water treatment. We ceaselessly search and research to find out ways in achieving optimum level in water conservation and treatment.
• Waste Water Treatment
• Water Treatment

Waste Treatment and Management
Waste generation is emerging as colossus issue in modern world, urban areas across the globe are facing the same issue. DNP has technical resources and capacity to provide comprehensive solutions in paradigm of waste treatment and management.
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Bio-Medical Waste Management
• Solid Waste Treatment and Management
• Construction & Demolition

DNP is a firm believer in creating responsible and need based infrastructures. We don’t aim at creating biggest infrastructure but our goal is to create landmark infrastructures.
•Urban utilities
• Recreation and sports
• Roads and bridges
• Water supply and irrigation
• Buildings and industrial structures

Environment and Energy
We always believe in giving back to the nature in form of environment and energy conservation initiatives. We offer futuristic technologies to conserve natural resources.
• Solar
• Wind
• Hydro
• Bio fuels

Our Projects

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1.Project: Operation and Maintenance of 106 MLD and 126 MLD STP
Along with construction, we also provide operation and maintenance services for waste water treatment plants. At present we operate and maintain Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s 106 and 126 MLD UASB based Sewage Treatment Plants. We have an expert team of environment, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation engineers, who are well skilled and equipped to maintain these plants.

Due to accurate and reliable maintenance work, there is significant improvement in the efficiency of UASB reactor. Our unique maintenance techniques have resulted in effective reduction in the BOD and improvement in Sludge and Gas generation.

2. Baug-e-firdaush Community Hall
Baug-e-firdaush Community Hall is a first of its kind of projects with auditorium, community hall and underground parking facility in a single building. The project was completed in an integrated manner with MEP. The sharp and modern architecture is well appreciated and has been benchmark for many succeeding projects. This building has a column less structure with the span of 27 meters constructed by ensuring all the safety measures.
Duration: 12 months

3. BRTS Bus Shelters
Magnum opus project of AMC under JNNURM, we have given prime importance to aesthetical and modern looks with user friendliness. To accomplish this task in prescribed manner, the designing work was outsourced from PERI Germany and completed using unique shattering technology. We have completed this project with record +/- 2 MM accuracy. The project was completed in record time before 15 days of deadline. The duration of the project was 12 months.

This is symbol of our finest quality, precise execution and unique project management practices.

4. Security Check Post in all over Gujarat
Yet another display of unique project management and precision of execution. Total 42 check posts were constructed and commissioned in duration of 12 months.

The remote locations, less duration and unavailability of raw material, manpower and vendors were the key challenges in the project execution.

Always working our smart and reliable solution, we went for precast structure with zone 5 earthquake resistant design. The structure was pre-casted at our casting yard facility, then transported and assembled at desired location. With the unique approach we have completed this work in the record duration of 12 months.

5. CNG Pumps Station
This state of the art facility was Gujarat’s first mother CNG pump station. The scope of project included civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, ventilation work with cascading foundation. The project was completed in prescribed manner and in stipulated time period.

6. Recreation center at Baug-e-firdaush community hall and indoor swimming pool This facility is equipped with gymnasium, yoga center, library and indoor swimming pool meeting international standards. Entire complex was built ensuring international standards and completed in 12 months.

7. Kankaria Swimming Pool
An Olympic sized pool meeting international standards was built in record time of 12 months.

8. 180 MLD STP
This is India’s largest automated ASP based sewage treatment plant with extended aeration system. This EPC project occupies area of 100000 M2 with more than 100 structures. The plant was built using 2700 MT of steel and 28000 MT cement concrete with manpower of more than 1400 workers. This project was competed in record time before five months of deadline. The entire plant has an innovative design and construction for use of natural gravity force for water flow. This approach further reduces the need of energy consuming pumps. Each and every unit is provided with stand-by equipment to make sure continuous running of plant. Administrative building is equipped with state of the art laboratory and conference hall. The fully automated plant can be operated by single person from control room equipped with latest SCADA system.

Main units:

Unit Qty. Dimensions
Primary Clarifier 06 Nos. Diameter: 39.5 mtr
Liquid depth: 3.2 mtr
Aeration Tank 06 Nos. Length: 26.6 mtr
Width: 60 mtr
Liquid depth: 4.7 mtr
Secondary Clarifier 06 Nos. Diameter: 43 mtr
Liquid depth: 3.5 mtr
Sludge thickener 03 Nos. Diameter: 25 mtr
Liquid depth: 3.5 mtr
Anaerobic Digester 06 Nos. Diameter: 28 mtr
Liquid depth: 8 mtr
Biogas Holder 01 Nos. Diameter: 18 mtr
Height: 6 mtr

Unique and environment friendly approach:
During construction apart from best and reliable results our objective was to use ecofriendly recycled material and minimum amount of water and energy. We have built the plant using concept of green building to maximize use of natural resources in day to day operation and optimize energy efficiency. As result of this approach, zero amount of waste was generated. Key green concepts
• The administrative building was constructed using fly ash bricks.
• The entire ventilation system has sunrays reflective glass to take power consumption at a minimum level for cooling.
• The landscaping water ponds are developed out of waste generated during construction.
• Tertiary treatment unit is installed to provide recycled water for gardening purpose.

DNP Network

Technologies for life

DNP is a network of companies working ceaselessly to improving at every intersection from drinking water to disposal, from roads to recreation, from energy to environment. DNP Network is inspired by life to reach-out to lives untouched, to live dreams unseen and to ignite ideas that change life.

• DNP Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd
• Ahmedabad Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd
• R3 Environment Management Services Pvt. Ltd
• SVP Precast Pvt. Ltd
• Awatech Solution (I) Pvt. Ltd
• Awatech Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd
• DNP Foundation
• DNP Farm & Agri Sciences Pvt. Ltd


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